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Let us do the homework for you!

We know the back to school rush can be stressful, so let us help, at least with the diabetes side of things.

Whether you need a kitbag for diabetes equipment, medical ID, a pump pouch or hypo treatments for the change in routine when back in the classroom, we have you covered!

It is a good idea to have a look through your child's care plan in the school holidays to see if there is anything that needs updating (such as new equipment), and to prepare extra supplies for leaving at school during term time.

What to pack in my kitbag?

Those of us with younger children may wish to keep spares of all supplies at the office at school, such as pump/CGM spares, insulin pens or vials, and spare meter and test strips along with a sharps box, and a copy of the care plan with contact details.

Those with older children may find they are happy to keep their own day to day equipment with a few spares in the office ‘just in case’, especially if your child travels a distance to school so you don't have to deliver the supplies during the day.

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