Autopen Classic 3.0ml 1 unit (2-42 unit)
Autopen Classic 3.0ml 1 unit (2-42 unit)

Autopen Classic 3.0ml 1 unit (2-42 unit)

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Autopen® makes the experience of injecting insulin as easy as possible, even for younger users or users with reduced dexterity.

A reusable insulin cartridge delivery pen that is compatible with all pen needles, Autopen® has unique side firing mechanisms for easier injecting and handling. Its automatic insulin delivery means minimal force is required to deliver treatment, regardless of medication volume, which makes it suitable for patients with low finger strength.

Autopen® features a dose selector with audible clicks and visual indicators to ensure correct dosage is set.

Autopen® Adaptive Accessories are also available to provide an even easier injection experience for people with limited hand movement or grip. Accessories include a release button extension to make it easier to push the release button and dose selector adaptor, which makes it easier to turn the dose selector dial.

Autopen® is compatible with all major brands of pen needle and comes in two models, Autopen®24 for use with SANOFI insulin cartridges and Autopen® Classic for use with Lilly¹ and Wockhardt insulin cartridges.


  • Simplifies the delivery of injections to encourage adherence
  • Low force to inject and usability features make it effective even for patients with reduced dexterity
  • Suitable for all types of patients