6 months later .... Our journey

6 months later…. Our journey

We remember the day clearly. 17 months ago Evan was taken to the GP in the morning for a suspected urine infection and by midday we were injecting insulin in the hospital for the first time, reeling from the amount of information we were being given, while drawing breath from the invisible brick wall we seemed to have run full speed into.

We went into overdrive, trying as parents, to educate ourselves in as much as we could, and sourcing the equipment and products which would make Evans life easier and happier. After all it was bad enough he had to learn to live with his condition.

After shopping all around the world and relying on blogs, facebook groups and the clinic for details we came to an epiphany… we could make it easier in the UK for others than we had found it.

And so we started the business applying what we knew about the internet alongside our ongoing journey of education in helping Evan live a full life with his diabetes.

Numerous injections, countless test strips, 3 holidays, 1 P45 and a lot of hard work later we are very proud that www.diabeticsupply.co.uk is growing every month and we are able to keep adding new products and ranges as our visibility improves.

We are very excited as our adventure continues, and we can keep adding new items and reaching ever more people within the community.

Evan has learnt that if life gives you lemons, make lemonade… and get a new dog.

Thanks to all our customers so far… the journey is very rewarding. Please recommend us and share our page as we know in the diabetes community the big word is COMMUNITY!

Love to all
Dave and Em