Celebrating NDAM: Giving Back

Celebrating National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM) is an important way to raise awareness about diabetes and support those living with the condition. Here's some ways you can participate in NDAM:

Share Information: Use your social media platforms, blogs, or websites to share diabetes-related facts, statistics, and stories. You can also use relevant hashtags like #NDAM and #DiabetesAwarenessMonth to reach a wider audience.

Organise Fundraisers: Consider organising fundraising events or campaigns to support diabetes research, education, or organisations that provide assistance to those with diabetes.

Wear Blue: Blue is the official color for diabetes awareness. Wear blue clothing, accessories, or even a blue ribbon to show your support and encourage conversations about diabetes.

Remember that the goal of NDAM is not only to raise awareness but also to provide support to those living with diabetes. Your involvement can make a significant difference to better understand this condition, types and symptoms.

We celebrate NDAM as a family and business, we understand what it's like to know completely nothing about the condition and then having to be thrown into the deep end! One of the core foundations of Diabetic Supply was and will always be, to offer support, innovative products and everything you need to make life a little less stressful with diabetes.

November ~ National Diabetes Awareness Month ~ 14th November ~ World Diabetes Day

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