New Subscription Service Launched

So you regularly buy Glucose treatments or test strips from us?

Well we have just launched a new subscription service specially to take the work out of remembering to re-order, and to ensure you always have supplies when you need.

On many of these products when you go to add to your cart you will now see 2 options. The first for a one-time purchase if you just want this product now and nothing more.

But… Subscribe and Save and you can setup up a repeat order at a frequency you decide upon from once a week to once every 9 months. Its just like a milk round delivery.

Just add the subscription item to your cart, choose the frequency you would like it to be resent, and our system will remember your details and simply arrange for another order to be sent when you asked in the future.


And the best bit is we have made it even cheaper to subscribe as we like to reward repeat customers who keep coming back.

This is a flexible service so once you have registered you can Manage your subscriptions from your Account screen.

Don’t want your repeat order for another month, no problem just log in and delay your repeat order….

Don’t want the next 2 months repeat order at all as you have enough, just log in and cancel this months repeat order…

Total flexibility for you. So give it a go, if you are a repeat customer subscribe and save.

If you experience any problems or would prefer one of the team to setup your subscription just call us on 01473 845453 and we are happy to help.