Wednesday 13th April 2022

Meet Fea and learn her journey with Type 1 Diabetes

  • Type 1 Diabetic - April 2021 - Aged 9
  • Diagnosis: April 2021, after blacking out at home, Fea was admitted to hospital in what turned out to be severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Fea was immediately admitted to 'Resus' (Resuscitation Room), with her blood glucose levels being high enough for the machines not able to read as well as having 6.6 ketones ( ). All whilst being very dehydrated and losing 10% of her body weight - the medical team were unable to get a successful cannula site. Until finally 3 managed to stay - her right arm, right foot and left hand.
  • The signs: 
    TOILET - I've needed to wee a lot!
    TIRED - I've been very tired!
    THIRSTY - I keep drinking and drinking!
    THIN - I've lost lots of weight!

"I'm riding towards a better future for people like me living with diabetes"

Following her incredible diagnosis story, Fea has been raising awareness by taking part in her very own Cycle challenge! Over the course of April 2022 (Fea's diaversary month) Fea will be cycling 150 miles on a virtual coast to coast! 

Raising Awareness and money for the Diabetes UK charity! Take a look at her challenge here:

Felicity-Grace ready to take on her 150 mile journey!

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