Hi, I'm Betes the Axolotl!
...but you can call me Betes

IYKYK.. We ran a little competition for our T1 customers, last year. 

That's how we found Betes! Betes the Axolotl was Amber's creation for the competition. She told us Betes has had Type 1 Diabetes for 8 years, just like Amber! 
Betes also LOVES animal crackers and likes to decorate her pump and sensor with decorative stickers!

Betes the Axolotl, is now our snuggly, cuddly, smiley new mascot! And we can't wait to show you what he gets up to at the Diabetic Supply HQ!

You can now shop a full range of Betes the Axolotl products with the button below!

The Betes Collection

We hope you like Betes as much as we do! We're so proud to have our very own T1D mascot, made by Amber who is also a T1D!

Betes has type 1 diabetes and always wears diabetes tech! With a sensor to easily track blood glucose, and a insulin pump to deposit insulin, safely inside a waist pump belt!

Why we chose to have a mascot

At Diabetic Supply we always try to show how much we understand what life is like with diabetes. Especially from a parents view of a T1D child. 
This takes us back to when our son was first diagnosed with type one diabetes. A positive moment from the very first day, was when Evan was handed a Rufus the bear by his new Diabetes Specialist Nurse. This was to give him comfort for his first overnight stay in hospital being woken up for finger pricks every couple of hours.
We wanted Betes to be a ready-made friend to support your child with their Diabetes journey, so they feel less alone, so they can share in the little wins and firsts along the way.

Betes the Axolotl on Holidays

Here's Betes skiing on his first ever holiday! Since then he's been on many different journeys all over the UK! We'd love to see where you take your betes! Share on social media and tag #WHERESBETES & #diabeticsupplyuk 


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