**ROYAL MAIL EXPERIENCING DELAYS!** - Please keep this in mind when ordering! Thankyou, DS

Activating your Frio


When you unpack your FRIO, you'll find the Outer wallet, the Inner wallet and the instruction card to go with it. 


Fill an empty tupperware pot, the size of your FRIO, with water. Then separate the two FRIO wallets from each other.


Submerge the INNER wallet into the water and gently manipulate to spread the crystals inside.

Soak for the required amount for your FRIO;

- Pump, Mini, Eye drop(1) = 2-4 minutes

- Eye drop(3), Duo = 7 - 10 minutes

- Grande = 12 - 14 minutes

-Large, Extra Large = 14 - 19 minutes 

Using your frio

Remove Inner wallet from water, squeeze out any excess and leave to rest for 5 minutes.

Place medication into the Inner wallet before inserting them both within the Outer wallet for travel.

Applying your patch

clean site

Be sure to clean and dry your chosen site before application.

Peel off backing

Turn the patch over, and peel one corner/backing section.

Place over transmitter

Carefully place the patch over the transmitter allowing the cut out to line up.

Smooth down

Smooth down the first corner/backing section before repeating on the other side.

After application

After applying your patch, be sure to wait up to 2 hours before showering, exercising and swimming. This allows the patch to securely adhere to the skin.

Won't stick?

Use a tacky adhesive wipe or spray over the skin before applying the patch (*be sure to clean the site area before application*)


After the required time, slowly peel the patch off of the skin from the top downwards.

can't remove?

Apply a remover wipe or spray over the patch until the adhesive has dissolved. 

Applying your device sticker

Peel off sticker

Peel the patterned sticker away from the surrounded backing.

Align with sensor

Gently align your sticker with roughly the middle of your sensor.

place down on sensor

Carefully place the sticker down in desired place, check that it is positioned correctly, then smooth down with your finger. 


If the sticker isn't positioned desirably (Before smoothing down). Carefully lift sticker and reapply being sure to not pull and stretch the sticker.