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Trying to find adhesive to top my dcone but when on this white only comes up with g6 mini which is no use to me. I live up.


This product worked well. Was dubious as my 1st CGM fell out after 3 days. This product was Brill !

Myabetic Cat Case
wendy hunter
cat case

great item, good price and sturdy.

I bought this to try. So far it's okay, there is a liquid on the insole and I'm a little afraid to step on it because of the gel inside the insole. I hope this helps my feet as I will continue using it. It is perfectly fit to my shoes and I don't need to reduce the size. Thanks.

Friendly socks for my feet

These socks give me a big hug to my feet. Good quality and provide comfort. I hope they can as well produce socks for winter. Will order again.

Small holder fit for 2 Insulin pen

Small insulated insulin pen holder that fits 2 insulin pen. It's just pricey for the size. Im not sure if it will protect the pen insulin when Im on travel.But you can't find in other shop for an insulated pen holder.

Peace of mind with Vial Safe!

A must have for any diabetics handbag! Perfect

Reusable pocket boxes?

These are great, but I can’t figure out how to empty them. Are they reusable?

Brilliant product

I tried this product to help secure my pump infusion sets while exercising and on holiday. These stickers are amazing! Just like the larger CGM variety, the adhesion is very strong and allows for plenty of movement thanks to the elasticated fabric material. One sticker can easily survive the duration of the infusion set with vigorous exercise, swimming and the occasional accidental tug. These are definitely going to become a default product for me.

Great product

Firstly, little sister chose the design! Product offers a firm hold, prefect for Medtronic infusion sets and allows for a decent amount of movement. Print quality is very good. Only drawback if that the design almost completely blocks any markings on the infusion set to see where the cannula lines up to attach. My advise is to pick a part of the design, close to the inner hole that acts as your reference. For me, I align the arrow on my infusion set with one if the fairy wands. 😄

Very good product

New to CGM and pump use and wanted something with a little more adhesion power than the included manufacturer stickers. These are awesome! They have a really strong hold and the elasticated material allows plenty of movement. These can easily last the week duration of my sensor with the daily showering/ exercise. I will be using this product as a default from now on.

ExpressionMed Grid Iron Adhesive Patch Oval
Samuel Curtis
Looks brilliant, fix not as much

Purchased these to help keep my as CGM sensor in place on holiday. They look awesome, good print quality. However, the adhesion is not as great as other products. Where as some other brands can keep adhesion for a full week, these needed to be changed after 3 days. I believe this to be from the paper-based material to allow for the printing. The other brands are plain with an elasticated fabric that allows for greater movement. Overall not a bad product for something shorter use with less movement.

Myabetic Thompson Travel Carry-All - Black
Samuel Curtis
Great bag, little small for holidays with a pump

Bought this bag after being invited to my first holiday abroad with CGM and a pump. I knew that I would need something larger as the consumables I would be taking are quite bulky on mass. Item arrived quickly and my initial thoughts were quite positive. The bag feels a good quality and well built. The design/ layout of the centre sections with the pockets and elasticated holders were brilliant. Perfect for short trips or long weekends away. The removable inner pouch is perfect for my backup glucometer. Perhaps a little female looking for a male user but didn't particularly bother me. One thing I did discover is that it is not big enough to carry both CMG and pump equipment for a week+ away with contingency. Ideally there would be slightly larger model with one pocket/section that could comfortably fit items 1-2 inches thick. (Most infusion sets/applicators) I didn't want to purchase something obviously much larger such as a rucksack, but something sized in between would be great. Overall very happy.

NotJustaPatch Air for Dexcom g6

I ordered the Air as its the latest version by NotJustaPatch. But it doesn't have a backing on the top and so when you remove the sticky side backing the product is very floppy. Its not easy to apply which can lead to folds or misalignment. :(

Awesome. Epic. Mindblowing

I got these after reading the review "A Lifesaver" as I was about to go away with my kids and spend 2 full days at a water park. I was starting to panic about spending 6hrs in a pool and being wet all day, so thought I'd give them a go. I was more than happy, waterslides, swimming, jacuzzi nothing touched it.

You definitely need the wipes to help these stick but then you're good to go. I wore the patch for a week and then was in water swimming from 10am til 4pm it started to come off at the edges so I put a new one on and no issues.

I have sensitive skin so was a little worried about wearing it for so long .... No issues at all, not even an itch.

Probably won't wear them on every libre change but definitely if I'm planning a swim session or lots of baths, as when I wore it without doing these things it was extremely difficult to remove 😅

Can fault a product that dose what it says on the tin. Absolutely fantastic 😊

Stealth Holster

My 12yr old has been using his holster for around a month now. He loved that he could personalise it and was very pleased with the design when it arrived. The pump (780G) fits very securely and the holster feels really sturdy. The clip is strong and hasn't detached itself once, even when running around and during PE lessons. He has said that the only thing he can think of that would improve it would be to have somewhere to wind up some of the excess pump tubing as it can be a bit of a pain sometimes. He has found using the holster much more comfortable than using a pump belt and feels like it looks more grown up too. All- in-all, he is extremely happy with it and we would highly recommend it.


I have been using Frio wallets since 2008, best compact insulin cooler I have Used

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Tried a sample of this product, as my skin reacts to most products (including Simple skincare products). I was pleased to find that this product not only worked at keeping my sensor in place...but I also had NO reaction whatsoever on my skin. For those with especially sensitive skin, this (and skin glu) work extremely well with only positive outcomes. 10/10 for me!

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Tried a sample of this product, as my skin reacts to most products (including Simple skincare products). I was pleased to find that this product not only worked at keeping my sensor in place...but I also had NO reaction whatsoever on my skin. For those with especially sensitive skin, this (and skintac) work extremely well with only positive outcomes. 10/10 for me!

A Lifesaver

This is a lengthy review so maybe grab a brew!

I've never left a review for any product yet I spend most of my time reading reviews before purchasing anything so I hope this helps.

Some background...I lift, swim, bike and run and have done for over 35 years. I've been a type 1 for the last 20 and due to the volume of exercise I do I'm pretty much a daily hypo guy. Just when I thought I'd sussed out the balance with nutrition, exercise and timings it would often throw a curve ball and I'd be back to square one. This is where my consultant suggested moving on to the libre so that I could get more regular/immediate readings without the faffing around with testing strips. I was hesitant at first with the thoughts of walking around with a 'press here' button on my arm! But, I gave it a go and I've slowly got used to having this little friend in my life. I've since moved the sensor to my upper thigh as for some unknown reason my internal GPS always had me walking into doors and ended up ripping the thing off my arm! Up until the sensor days I was door crash free...maybe the sensor just off set my balance a little 🤣.

The sensor's are far from perfect but I really like the libre 2 and it's hypo alarm feature. It has worked really well on a few occasions and way off mark on others however, on a whole I find it reliable. My only quarm with the sensor is it's 30m limited waterproofness! I've become too comfortable with the sensors for it's ease and immediate feedback which has made me a little reliant on them yet frustrated that it impacts something I love - swimming. I'll swim on average for about a couple of hours so something had to give...then, I found these patches!

I came across these literally a week before our hols where I love to swim in the sea. I was prepared to forego the sensor for a finger pricking adventure but, as mentioned earlier, I'm almost reliant on their minute by minute sugar scans. I'd looked at some third party patches and the reviews were just too off to take the risk. Things these days don't appear to made like they were in the early days. So, the reviews here looked limited but positive so thought what have I got to lose...aside of £20!

My first bit of advice how to apply them! Even point 2 re-emphasises point one! Something I didn't adhere to on the first attempt. I jumped in the sea pretty much 40mins later and was shocked to see this flappy looking plaster hanging off my sensor! Not a pretty sight for those on the lounger next to me 🤣.

So, I tried again. This time applied it the night before. Tip for guys...shave area where the sensor is going and enough to cover the patch circumference. Wait until completely dry after shower before applying. The next day I decided to wear my jammer shorts thinking the extra compression effect might help to keep the patch in place. PERFECT! Patch stayed in place and I've only just changed it 7 days later. That's 7 days of 32 degree heat, daily run/swim, showers, sun cream etc.

The lifesaver title...might be a bit dramatic but for me, these patches will now allow me to swim in the pool when I'm back home knowing they will stay in place. Something I love can now be part of my routine again.

Type2 diabetic,

I'm a type2 diabetic sugars was always very high, going back ladt year, since I've changed my lifestyle my sugars are low I've experienced a few hypos being 2.2, and I take these tabs, they are good, saved my life a few times now,

Great all in one bag

Fantastic bag! Bought for my son’s secondary school transition to carry everything compactly and easily. As other reviewers have stated- elastic strap for BG strips is too tiny. I just cut the thread carefully and made it one large one instead. Perfect for all our needs.

Best patches so far

Have tried a few patches recently and these are the best ones yet. They stay stuck for the whole 14 days albeit with ever so slight fraying around the edge but still wearable. Didn’t use any other product beforehand only an alcohol wipe to prep skin. Have bought further supplies.

If you sweat, don’t use the clear ones

Love these overpatches but the clear ones aren’t breathable. Following a spin class I could see the sweat through the patch and the sticker started to peel off and pull the Libre off as well. The coloured ones are great and have no issues!

New to the item

Recived theses quick quicky, underlay for dexcom far so good no itchiness, fingers crossed it will prevent my daughter from scratching. Thank you very much!