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I bought this as over the last year I’ve had two assisted hypos, but no visible means of identifying my t1 diabetes status bought this as it’s discreet but still informs first aiders or people helping me of what I have even if I can’t verbalise it as I did the last time I was talking gibberish for 5 minutes after the last hypo

Organising Chaos Hypo-Pot

Brought for swimming didn't work

Brought for swimming didn't stay in place peeled on first day fell off in pool .

Dexcom 6 patch

Only patches I will use.


Great patch - keeps my sensor safe in the bath/shower and I love the design

White Pump Thigh Pouch

great choice

great products and prices just what you need

Great kitbag

Love this little kitbag. The best we have found.

Seems ok

I haven’t used the bag yet, but it certainly looks sturdy, and fit for purpose. I have only just been started on an injectable and will be travelling soon, so I’m hoping that it serves me well.

Good insoles

Excellent insoles, good quality, user friendly site and staff.

The best team.
Thank you for the fast delivery and very good service.

Lose topsocks

Comfortable well made and they do not pinch my legs. Great!

Easy to use

GlucoRx GO Blood Glucose System is easy to understand how to use it, just can't figure how to change the battery - ideas, please

Invaluable coolbags for insulin on the move

I have used the Frito bags for 23 years at home and on all my travels to hot and cold climates. They made a huge difference to my life when ai discovered them.

These just work!

Really effective for removing sensor adhesive - would recommend 100%

Pam t

My diabetic case in pink is lovely would recomend

Excellent socks

I love the light blue colour of these lovely comfortable socks. They wash really well and are still very soft and easy to pull on.


I bought this recently as I have had type 1 diabetes for 2 years now (I’m 24) it really helps me stay organised and makes everything that little bit easier, I would highly recommend


Using the armband is the only way I manage to keep my sensor on for the whole two weeks. The main benefit is keeping my sensor dry while showering. I have two on the go so that they have time to dry out. You don’t need to wear them particularly tight either.

ACCU-CHEK Instant Blood Glucose Test Strips - Pack of 50


They work very good and fit perfectly!


I do not have diabetes but got this little device just to keep an eye on my glucose level ,I have only used it a couple of times and find it easy to use,I cannot comment on the accuracy of the device but it is a good little device at a very good price.

Excellent quality

The freestyle libre stickers from this supplier are fabulous, great quality, fit for purpose and look good too!