GlucoRx Nexus Glucose Test Strips - 1 x 50

GlucoRx Nexus Glucose Test Strips - 1 x 50

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GlucoRx test strips use advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology help make every strip count, by making it easy to test right the first time.

GlucoRx Nexus test strips are used in conjunction with the GlucoRx Nexus range of blood glucose meters to monitor blood glucose levels.

You need just 0.7 microlitre of blood.

Pack size: 50 test strips per box

Compatible with:

  • TD-4277 GlucoRx Nexus Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • TD-4287 GlucoRx Nexus Mini Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • TD-4283 GlucoRX Go
  • TD-4141 GlucoRx Nexus Mini Ultra Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • TD4280 GlucoRx Nexus Voice Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemBox of 200 Lancets


Highest Quality

Easy to use and grip

Very smooth, Tri-bevel point

gauge: 0.31mm/30g

Sterile with x-Ray Irradiation