GlucoRx Nexus Voice TD-4280 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

GlucoRx Nexus Voice TD-4280 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Has Nexus Blood Glucose meter functionality, yet TALKS.

Talking, multifunctional machine with advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology for an entirely accurate Diabetes blood test and simple self-management of blood sugar levels.

GlucoRx Nexus Voice meter uses only GlucoRx Nexus Test Strips and GlucoRx Lancets

The GlucoRx Nexus Voice starter Diabetes test kit includes a blood glucose meter with batteries, test strips, control solution, lancing device, sterile lancets, owner’s manual & quick guides, daily log book, warranty card & protective wallet.

Conforms to Accuracy requirements of ISO 15197:2015

Advanced GDH-FAD Enzyme technology

Gives audio feedback

No coding

5µL blood volume for result in 5 seconds

AC/PC meal markers

Ketone warning

Alternative Site Testing

Four alarms and Discreet testing

Stores 450 non-deletable readings (fulfils DVLA memory requirements) with Day averages

Strip ejection

PC link for Software download and Diasend compatible.