Sharpsafe 1.8L Disposal Box
Sharpsafe 1.8L Disposal Box
Sharpsafe 1.8L Disposal Box

Sharpsafe 1.8L Disposal Box

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The Sharps disposal 1.8L, designed specifically for the safe disposal of needle pens.

For many people who need to dispose of their pens or needles at home, the only options are often large, ungainly sharps containers or smaller ones which do not easily accommodate pens vertically. 

The new containers allow easier disposal but with a smaller container. Whilst disposal is of course only one small part of someone’s day to day life, it can help make it a little bit easier, it really could make a significant difference.

The 1.8L container can hold 20 needle pens vertically* and also features an aperture to remove needles if required.

The 1.8L container has two apertures, one for the disposal of used sharps, the other contains a needle removal feature. The lid is semi-translucent and has a clearly visible fill line to help ensure the product is not overfilled.

Our four audible clicks feature confirms that the lid and base are assembled securely and are safe for use. The temporary and final closure feature provides reassurance when the container is in use and that no further waste can be added once the final closure is activated preventing any potential spillages and overfilling.

The containers are designed with a strong rigid body and made from robust, high-quality recycled material that prevents sharps penetration through the wall of the container.

*Based on a standard needle pen width of 17mm


Customer Reviews

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Maxine Higham

Excellent box

Michael hunt
excellent response

the item we required arrived promptly

Christine Fuller
Sharpest bin yet

Excellent size for pens and/or needles. Product as described and so useful and excellent price.

Ann Wilkinson

Can’t get these sharps bins from the doctors, used it for my pens, can’t believe the price. Excellent product.