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Small Medpac Insulated
Small Medpac Insulated
Small Medpac Insulated

Small Medpac Insulated

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Ideal for: Asthma inhalers, new Epipen, Anapen and Jext pens, diabetes medication (2 injection pens, blood glucose monitor, finger pricker and test strips), antihistamines, tablets, creams and small bottles
Insulated Medpac includes a thermal lining to help regulate the temperature of the medication, ideal for use when travelling to hot countries and for medication that needs to be stored at a certain temperature.
Made of sturdy and splash proof nylon material
Lightweight with zip around 3 sides for easy access to contents
External pocket for ID card for easy identification
Internal pocket for Treatment Card and any other required information
Internal elastic loops to secure 2 asthma inhalers or 2 adrenaline auto-injectors (will also hold 1 asthma inhaler along with 2 adrenaline auto-injectors)
Metal clip to attach Medpac to belt loop, rucksack or changing bag
Strong loop on back for attaching to belt
Bright orange colour makes Medpac easy to find inside a bag
Size: 17cm x 7cm x 5cm deep
Large enough to store 2 x Epipens (in protective cases), a small bottle of antihistamine and an asthma inhaler
Includes FREE Medpac ID Card and Medpac Treatment Card

Medpac ID card with space for photo, name, emergency phone number and medicine expiry date
Medpac Treatment Card to enable you to write clear instructions on how to use the medication, treatment plan and additional emergency phone numbers