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Why use a patch?

CGM sensors, patch pumps and cannula sets are vital pieces of equipment, but unfortunately for many users the medical adhesive they use may not be effective for the full life of the device before its time for that sensor, cannula or pump change.
Not all skins are the same, and not all users have an identical experience with their device, despite the incredible work of the companies that provide them, and often the life of a sensor or infusion set will be longer than the item will stay on the skin on its own. So if you experience problems with device adhesion, undertaking heavy activity or need help during wear (e.g.: your device is peeling up at the sides, getting caught in clothing and needs to be re-stuck) then that’s where adhesive patches come in.

They will give you:
• Peace of mind – your sensor will last the lifetime you need it to, after all you have a million other things to occupy your mind without this!

• Flexibility – to exercise, swim and live life how you want to without compromising your monitoring equipment’s durability.

• Security – whether sleeping or living day to day, patches give you the extra protection to ensure your device works perfectly by ensuring it is secure and in place.

Application dos and don'ts

To get the best out of our range of patches, the following rules should be applied…


• Ensure your skin is clean, dry and free of any lotions and oils such as moisturisers.

• Choose the best possible site for your device, the less hair possible on an area the better. 

• Try to avoid creases and folds in the skin for that perfect contact with your patch. Although these will not compromise it immediately, they will reduce the effectiveness over time.


• Exercise and shower for up to 2 hours after your patch application ideally. Your adhesive needs time to cure to your skin and heat and water (including sweat) may compromise this and reduce the patches life.

• Touch the adhesive on the back of the patch. Use the tear off areas so that you can handle the patch without touching the sticky side if at all possible.

• Stretch the patch upon application, the shape should fit without stretching, and doing so may reduce its effectiveness.

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brands we stock

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Not sure which brand works for you? Try our Sample packs!

Why do we stock different patches?

We do this to offer choices depending on your skin's needs. Everyone’s skin is different, and so what is a perfect patch for one person may not be for the next. So, from personal trial and error, and many years of customer feedback, we have selected 4 partners which represent different function and importantly different adhesive which means we have you covered for an option. They are all medical adhesive based and waterproof and designed to last.

 Each brand in our range offers something different to the end user:

• ExpressionMed patches give you the chance to look great and style your device while securing it.

• Not Just a Patch come with the unique ability to be removed carefully and reapplied without removing your sensor in mid use.

• Active Patch are a simpler, budget range which are perfect for shorter term application, easy to remove and apply.

• Skin Grip give you the option for single or multi-colour value packs and also clear patches.

Decorative vs. NON-decorative

Whether you choose to wear your devices with pride or prefer to blend in with the crowd, we have a solution that can work for you.

Patches to match your outfit, or to raise awareness of Diabetes, the choice is yours!

Seasonal designs are regularly released, along with our core styles and colours to secure your gadgets your way!


need a help with application or removal? Try these products...


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