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ExpressionMed Palmy Nights Adhesive Patch Oval
ExpressionMed Palmy Nights Adhesive Patch Oval

ExpressionMed Palmy Nights Adhesive Patch Oval

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Dreaming of palmy days and palmy nights, Featuring our G6 specific cut-out!

  • Best used with Medtronic Enlite or Freestyle Libre
  • Biocompatible material
  • Sweat-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Fray-proof
  • 3 part backing for easy application
  • Our strong adhesive can last for 10+ days

      IMPORTANT: Watch application and removal videos before applying patches. 

      Make sure skin is clean and dry before application.

      After applying, wait at least 20 minutes before intense activity or submersion in water. If the tape is difficult to remove after 10-20 days: Make sure you are removing the material properly.

      Moisturize the area before application.

      If your tape is falling off early: Make sure you are not touching the adhesive while applying. Follow the directions on the packaging when applying. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol before application (this will over dry skin, if peeling or irritation occurs use a scent free soap).

      Use skin tac when applying or to hold down any edges that peel up.


      Customer Reviews

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      Kathy Cook
      not waterproof

      I like that the patches kept my sensor in place however they are NOT waterproof - the first one came off in the shower and the second only stayed on because I put a tubigrip over it to keep it in place while in the shower. The adhesive hasn't stuck very well after showering and I keep having to hold it in place for a few minutes to make sure it is still in place.

      Hi Kathy,

      It may be the case that the patch hasn't securely adhered before showering. Patches usually require up to 2 hour adhesion period before showering or going swimming. Have a look at our online instructions here; https://www.diabeticsupply.co.uk/pages/instructions

      In our experience it's the case of finding which adhesive works best for your skin and we stock lots of different types of patches for this reason. Here's a link to our sample patches: https://www.diabeticsupply.co.uk/collections/sample-packs

      or Take a look at our Adhesive Patches do's and dont's here; https://www.diabeticsupply.co.uk/pages/adhesivepatches-1

      We hope this helps for the next time you apply a patch!